Singer Who Wore Trump Dress To Grammys Hopes To Bring Joy To The White House

Sunday’s Grammy Awards is definitely one of the most commented and criticized events so far. But number 1 surprise of the night was Joy Villa’s appearance. The singer was wearing a red, white and blue gown bearing Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” and in addition, “Trump” was sewn in glitter on the hem.

According to Western Journalism, Villa released a new video in which she said that as an American she believes that voting for PresidentTrump was the best choice personally. 

Villa sent a message to Trump’s supporters to find the nearest person who does not believe with them in supporting Trump or believing in their political viewpoints and look at it as a sign that maybe they’re not conservative or they’re too far conservative. She also requested from the supporters to hug those people or if they are online, to hashtag them #BringJoytotheWhiteHouse and put a hearts on it.

The singer asked her fans to buy her album I Make the Static and also requested the to go online and spread her message using the hashtag #BringJoytotheWhiteHouse, a place where she hopes she will be invited to sing.

There were many positive reactions to her gown on Twitter too.

Villa also said that she could have never foreseen the explosion of her album sales, No. 1 on iTunes, No. 1 on Amazon and she did think she’s going to face a backlash which may crush her career. But she said to herself that that is something she has to do.

In an interview with Breitbart, Villa said that she was tired of the bullying, tired of being pushed down so that she couldn’t say her beliefs and being fearful of losing sales, fans, bookings, contracts, and sponsorship. She also said that a lot of her friends have the same thing and they all live in Hollywood, which is supposed to be the most open viewpoint city but the truth is that there is a lot of hate and a lot of negativity.

The singer said that being a Trump supporter in an industry that is largely against him means hiding what one truly believes. Villa also added that the positive reaction to her Grammys stunt far outweighed the negativity and that the dress was not just about publicity but about changing attitudes.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nita Thompson

    February 22, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I love Joy, she is an awesome lady and I’m sure she was afraid but she did something people are afraid to do. When she was first posted on Facebook I was overjoyed with her. We are with you Joy and will always have your back. Hope you do go to the White House. Love you

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