Possible Criminal Charges In Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Investigation

A former IT State Department employee who avoided Congressional questions about his work on Hillary Clinton’s private email server may face criminal charges.

According to Western Journalism, on Thursday Representative Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Session asking that Bryan Pagliano is charged for avoiding multiple subpoenas to testify on Clinton’s email server before the House Oversight Committee.

The Oversight Committee voted to hold Pagliano in contempt of Congress for his failure to respond to a subpoena in September.

Chaffetz stated that the authority to compel witnesses is integral to Congress’s and the Committee’s investigative powers and allowing Pagliano’s conduct to go unaddressed would gravely harm Congress’s ability to conduct oversight. Chaffetz’s letter to Session details the Committee’s significant efforts to work with Pagliano and his attorneys to avoid the necessity of a criminal referral, including giving Pagliano a second opportunity to show up after first failing to appear.

Bryan Pagliano was responsible for managing the former secretary of state’s private server and also served as a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee also said that just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away and that he still has a duty and obligation to get to the truth about one of the largest breaches of security at the State Department. He also highlighted the fact that tens of thousands of documents still have not been turned over to Congress.

Chaffetz also wrote that there is no legal basis for Pagliano’s refusal to appear before the committee and in light of his contumacious conduct in refusing to testify, the department should bring the matter before a grand jury for its action or file an information charging him.

Bryan Pagliano had refused twice to appear before the committee and if found guilty, he could be fined up to $1,000 and jailed for up to one year.

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  1. PAT

    February 20, 2017 at 4:56 am


  2. Irmalee Barney

    February 20, 2017 at 10:16 am

    I believe it must be done It is only a start on investigating Hillary. Do it, don’t just talk about it.

  3. William McCormick

    February 24, 2017 at 12:35 am

    The Clintons have gotten RICH off of poor people in this Country! They had nothing before he became Gov.All the misconduct continued in the White House,He WAS impeached!! Then the Democrats found HER a District in NY to run for Senate but couldn’t get a mortgage to move there,this is wrong in it’s self, SO,the woman,who’s husband is wanted by the FBI is living in middle East,gives them a home, furnishes it,gives Bill a GOLD Saxophone, money,money,gets Her in Senate, Clintons endore Obama, Hillary gets appointed SEC.of State, getting US aid $$$$$$$$ and The Clinton Foundation grows & grows…
    The Clintons Foundation & Bill,Hillary, should have every penny
    Audited,I Suspect they are guilty of Treason against The USA & many other crimes!!
    ObamaCare? I’ve been disabled since 1999,almost died from taking antibiotics,my Rx meds have been put on the “We Don’t Pay for THAT” list,I have not had a Cost Of Living Adjustment for over a decade & my check goes down every year!! I can’t pay rent & utilities..!!!! I KNOW I’m not the only one in this condition…Senate & Congress better do something about this SOON!!

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