You’ll Never Imagine What Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu Did Immediately After Meeting At The White House

Israeli Prime Minster, Bibi Netanyahu, and his wife, Sara took their first journey to the White House after Donald Trump became the president. The highly effective men had a typical press conference where the downside was they both have a good deal of appreciation for each other, baseding on Sarah Palin. ( via World News Politics)

Sara and Melania likewise met for the very first time today. They devoted the day together sightseeing and tour in D.C., although their husbands had “closed- door meetings.” Their first visit was the Smithsonian National History Museum of African-American History and Culture. The wives were lead throughout the museum by director Lonnie Bunch and Smithsonian Secretary David Skorton.

First Lady Melania Trump apparently said after her visit, “As we remember, with deep humility and reverence, the historic plight of slavery which the Jewish and African-American people have known all too well, we rededicate ourselves to those powerful words that both our nations hold dear: “NEVER AGAIN!”

In the course of the press conference, Trump applauded the step Sara Netanyahu treated his wife throughout their trip to the White House.

President Trump mentioned,” I also want to thank Sara, can you please stand up? You’re so lovely, and you’ve been so nice to Melania, I appreciate it very much.”

Right after the way the press has treated Melania recently, Trump stated it was “refreshing” to see somebody give his wife the “respect she deserves.”

After their day at the museum, Melania and Sara will join a private dinner that the Trump’s are organizing for the Netanyahus’ at the White House.

Baseding on ABC News, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and his wife, Jeanette will co-host the dinner together with the Trumps.

The collaboration between the Trumps and Netanyahus seems like it’s out to a wonderful start. Donald and Bibi appear to have a common respect for each other, and also the wives seemed to enjoy one another’s company.

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