Ivanka Trump Supporters Proudly Cancel Nordstorm Accounts

When Donald Trump promises a thing, he will certain make it done! Properly, it implies the exact same for Trump supporters too. Whenever they declare that they are going to boycott every person who trashes Trump’s, , they are not fooling around. (via USA News Flash)

A viral video clip reveals a group of females filmed themselves, charging into a Nordstrom to remove their accounts in reaction to the retailer’s choice to stop offering Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand name. They assured to go shopping at Dillard’s as an alternative. However, there may be much more to follow.

One of the ladies in the video stated, “I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years,” one woman in the video says, speaking into a telephone. “Because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband or our nine children or our eight grandchildren.”

Watch the AMAZING video clip:

Alternatively, the woman say they are “headed to Dillard’s to buy all kinds of stuff.” Dillard’s remains to sell Ivanka’s product.

The woman moved forward to say, “A big group of us are meeting at Nordstrom’s to cancel our accounts, than [sic] to lunch at Cheesecake Factory,” Ray said in a Facebook post on Tuesday. “Afterwards we are headed to Dillard’s to #buyivanka and open up accounts there.”

This video went viral instantly! It hit over 420,000 views.

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  1. Maria de la Cruz

    February 18, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    I am a registered Republican. I DID NOT VOTE for Trump because he, in my opinion, is not qualified to be the President of the U.S., and as a human being, I just personally can not stand his demeanor or behavior. However, these protests should not be about Ivanka, and people not buying her products is not fair. Ivanka built her business and her brand and her reputation through hard work, in a world that still does not favor women. She is nothing like her father. I personally am an Ivanka fan.

  2. sam agag

    February 19, 2017 at 4:17 am

    So childish to boycott a store for political reasons. Nordstrom should have taken notes from Target, Pepsi, Starbucks, and all those businesses who decided to take sides. It amazes me, that Nordstrom did not recognize that, it is the middle class and higher who shops their stores. My wife, will be taking advantage of the return policy, along with canceling her account. Why ???
    Because we are Deplorable Adults.

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